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Why Buy Vintage?

That’s easy, if you love your music, like chic retro styling and want the biggest bang for your buck, you need vintage hi-fi! Vintage hi-fi is defined as equipment built between the mid 60’s and the very early 80’s, but why is it better?

Well, this was the heyday for quality audio equipment and manufacturers weren’t constrained by the same engineering, production budgets they were in the 80’s and ever since, so when you buy vintage you are buying quality, well engineered, well built equipment.

That said not everything vintage is quality, but the big names are, you only have to feel the weight to realise how well engineered this stuff is compared to new. Another, factor to bare in mind is that vintage audio equipment was hugely expensive when it was new… A typical Amplifier retailed at around £170 in 1977, with inflation that’s around £750 in today’s money, that’s how good this stuff is.

Obviously, this all adds up to excellent sound quality that you just won’t get spending the same amount on modern stuff… so why not fall in love with your music again!