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Why Buy from Funky Hi-Fi?

If you’ve been looking at vintage audio on eBay, you can’t help but have noticed there’s a great deal of choice, in fact too much choice, with lots of stuff for parts or not working, ambiguous pictures and descriptions, it’s a bit of a minefield.

At Funky Hi-fi, we sell a range of audio to suit all budgets, but all our stuff is opened up, switches, pots and sliders are cleaned and lubricated. The units are cleaned of dust and dirt, any solder joints that look dry or questionable are re-soldered, any blown bulbs are replaced, then the units are fully cleaned, dust covers are polished and finally they are tested, so we are happy with their performance.

In general because vintage hi-fi is vintage, it may well show a bit of wear to the exterior, this is unfortunately the nature of the beast, but that’s missing the point a bit, because the benefits in sound quality and style are what it’s really about. At Funky Hi-Fi we will always disclose any defects in our listings. So when you buy from us, you can relax and know that what you are buying is as described and fit for purpose…